Broke’s Broke

By: Opa

Most of the time we really don’t care how things work until they no longer do. When things become broken, we care! We flip the switch, pull the cord, shake, rattle and throw.

Most of us don’t really take the time to know why it’s broke. Most people don’t believe they have the knowledge or the ability to take something apart and find out what failed. A lot are fearful they may do more damage. Thus, the title “Broke’s Broke.” There is no degree of broke. When something ceases to work it’s broke!!

Why not find out what’s broke? Example: two young people shooting baskets listening to music on a boom box, and the music stops. Remember: switch, cord, shake, rattle and throw, which is what happened to the boom box. What broke and stopped the music? Not sure. What are they doing with it? Throwing it away. How about we take it apart and see what may have caused the failure? Lots of screws to remove to open the box, and we find a square rubber belt.  It looks like a rubber band. It’s broke. No longer driving the cassette player.  A drop of super glue, a little time to dry, it’s repaired, and we’re enjoying music again.

With lots of stuff you take apart, there is no obvious failure. But, you gain a little knowledge of how it should work. So, it ends up in the trash. So what!!! That’s where it was going anyway.

Sometimes it’s just a little broke rubber belt!!!!

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