Help Wanted

By: Adam

We enter the 13th day of this experiment, and it is one of four days that have no author.  My message is simple: we need you, and we want you.

So far, the stories have varied from mid-life crisis to no crisis to saving the planet to race and learning and beyond.  The authors are as varied as the stories: male, female, young, old, black, white, formally and informally educated, and beyond.  Even with the advantage of knowing all the authors, I am surprised and perplexed and inspired by the stories people chose to tell.  I haven’t the foggiest where this whole thing is headed, but the journey is rewarding in its own right.  I’m excited to see what the rest of the month brings while trying not to be overwhelmed by the possibilities of the months ahead.

I recently watched a clip of Will Smith talking about fear.  Him and his buddies decided to go sky diving, and he mimicked his tough guy stance leading up to the jump intermingled with his absolute terror throughout the experience.  He noted that when he exited the plane, the moment when he should have had maximum fear, the moment his life was in the balance, was the moment fear washed away.

This experience mirrors Smith’s.  The days when this experiment was an idea, when I started reaching out to people, when I created the website, when I assigned people days were full of apprehension and doubt.  When the 1st day of August hit, when I had to publish stuff, and people had to live up to their word, my fear was gone.  It was out of my hands; there was no controlling the outcome.

It’s simple.  This experiment only works if the team is strong.  We need your help.  Just jump.

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