Submitting to Grow

By: Anonymous

Thought about a lot during today’s miles. Stress response. “Fight or flight.” I remembered a question asked in a book I read recently. The author asked me to identify my response (fight, in my case) and ask if it brought me closer to God’s example, or further away. My natural inclination creates distance, I realized. I would imagine those with a tendency to flee (flight) find the same to be true.

I also realize that I was fighting “submission” to God. I’ve always felt it weak to “give in.” But, I realized that submission can also have a different meaning. As a teacher and a tutor, students “submit” work to me for feedback and revision. Often, by repeated submission of work, the finished product is better than the student ever dreamed.

I realized submission is less about caving, then it is offering/submitting my plan to God and asking for feedback. Then, accepting that feedback as true and best for me, revising my plan or expectations, then, re-submitting.

It’s not about power. It’s about intimacy.

Like Job was advised, (22:21), I found making peace with God brings blessings I never dreamed of, and a closeness to nature. that I find satisfying.

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