The 31st?!?!

By: Adam

The name OnceEveryThirty seemed like the simplest explanation of this project where each writer contributed one story every month.  It was a pretty applicable name for the concept.  But, there was always the nagging fact that some months have 31 days.

Unwilling to be deterred by the pesky problem of one extra day in a month, I forged forward.  Similarly, I didn’t have a full fleet of writers, but I wasn’t interested in making excuses and waiting around.  These problems would figure themselves out.  I started the month with approximately 6 writerless days.  Slowly, I managed to fill a name in for each day of the month.

Now, the 31st is upon us, and I’ve figured it out.  That’s a lie.  I’ve figured the dilemma of the 31st out as well as I’ve figured out the dilemma of the next 6 months of this project.  Which is to say I’m holding on tight and believing that a simple vision will carry us through.

This project is a manifestation of my mid-life crisis.  A crisis fueled by an uncertainty about how my current lifestyle matches my skills and interests while best serving my family and community.  All that still holds true.  I’m still uncertain about where I’m headed, and what I want to do.  But, watching 30 people deal with their uncertainties, their struggles, their insecurities, their faith, their vulnerabilities, their world has been inspiring and informative.

I just finished watching All or Nothing on Amazon Prime.  This season followed the Michigan Wolverines football team.  Prominent in the show was the relationship between, quarterback, John O’Korn and devoted fan Larry Prout.  O’Korn is a diligent worker and good teammate, but he isn’t the best quarterback, which makes life difficult in Ann Arbor.  Calling Larry a devoted fan may have been an insult to Larry because he is a maniacal Michigan fan.  He’s also lucky to be alive having had over 100 surgeries in his short 16 year life.  John and Larry offer each other love and support.  Each seems to be awed by the other.  John and Larry are in awe of, and inspired by each other.  It’s a humbling story.

The relationship I have with this project seems to be working in a very similar way.  I’ve spent the month being impressed by the commitment, eagerness and preparation of the entire group of writers.  My day is spent considering what people shared—and frequently how surprised I am by what they shared—what people will share in the future, and how I can build the team more cohesively.

John and Larry are lucky to have each other, but I consider myself extra lucky to have 30 folks at my side on this project.

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