Strawberry Ice Cream, Please!

By: Anonymous

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved it: rich, creamy, cold… Strawberry Ice Cream!

Now, I recently conducted a simple social poll: “Strawberry ice cream, what do you think?”  Some say, “Yes!”  Others, “I’m more of a chocolate”… or “Vanilla kinda guy” Others, got very specific:  “Mint chocolate chip in a cup, with a small scoop of peanut butter.”   Yes!

The takeaway was simple – people like / love ice cream (though strawberry seemed to be low on the favorites list), but in all cases there seemed to be a joy in sharing their own experience with ice cream, and its associated memories.

My true love of strawberry ice cream began in the first grade.  At that time for 35 cents we could buy at our school cafeteria a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar.  Boy oh boy… the first time I had one of those, I was hooked!

To this day, I still love the strawberry shortcake ice cream bar (and of course strawberry ice cream).  As much as I enjoy the flavor of the bar, I enjoy the process of eating it!

I’m not sure when the last time you had one of these bars was, but let me remind you!  The first bite is cold (of course!) and has a much greater concentration of strawberry ice cream (it’s really actually more of a sorbet).  On top of the ice cream itself are sprinklings of strawberry and vanilla cake crumbs – crunchy and delicious!  Working my way down the ice cream bar, I get to the middle, where the strawberry sorbet now is coated with vanilla ice cream – a perfect combination of fruity flavor with creamy deliciousness!  And finally, I get to the end of the bar, I’ve savored every bite so far, but the best comes last: a now slightly softened bite of mostly vanilla ice cream, hanging off of the corner of the ice cream stick…perfection!

You bet—after that first experience—my mom got lots of pleases and extra chores out of me for my lunch time ice cream money!

There now is a store located close to where I live, which I frequent often and with passion: 16 Handles.  Have you had it?   If not, you must.  They claim to be frozen yogurt, but really it’s just soft, light, beautifully crafted ice cream.  They have a flavor called strawberry shortcake… my favorite, obviously!  My trips to 16 Handles are easily one of the favorite parts of my week… (side note: whip cream is my favorite topping!)

All this to bring me back to the start of my thinking on this topic…. I’ve loved strawberry ice cream from day 1…. is there a way for me to share my love and joy for this wonderful creation with others?  Is it through the telling of my own experiences?  Is it by sharing a cup or a bowl with my favorite people?  Is there something that I can create to get the word out?  Slogan:  “Strawberry Ice Cream, the absolute most tasty fantastic thing in the world!”  I’m playing with it still… but I think I’m on to something!

Next time you’re with friends or loved ones, ask: “Strawberry ice cream, what do you think?”

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