The Big Switch

By: Anonymous

The iPhone was my “marijuana” to the Apple world, my entry level drug into the ease of the iOS world. I started with the 3GS model in 2009 and then became a dedicated Apple user by purchasing a Mac Book (“I need it for school!”), being given an iTouch by my nursing program (“Medical apps for DAYS!”) and being gifted an iPad upon graduating nursing school (“That Netflix won’t watch itself!”).

But, within a couple years, I began to experience the dreaded but near-universal dying iPhone battery scenario. I was a full blown charge-addict and was carrying my charger with me wherever I went. Not too long after, I had another common early iPhone experience: I ran out of memory and could take a photo by deleting an app.  I told myself it was time. Time to splurge on a new mobile phone, even though mine technically still performed the one task I grew up expecting a phone to perform—making phone calls to reassure my parents I was safe. When it came time to purchase another mobile phone, I didn’t bother to shop around. I didn’t look at other options. I just marched myself to the Verizon store and signed my soul away for another two-year contract and more memory for $299.

It happened again in 2016, but this time it was just the battery. I would go from 100% to 70% before I left my front door in the morning and from 70% to 0% if I looked at the phone wrong or dared listen to a podcast on my way to work. So, I hopped, skipped and made my way to the Apple store in my now-home of New York City. By this time phone contracts (aka bribes) were more a thing of the past, and we were expected to pay for the phone ourselves. No biggie, of course. Even though I could afford it out-of-pocket (kinda), the Apple store mentioned that Apple Care and all its benefits were in action as long as I was paying their monthly payment.

And, then, I got a dog. Phones and dogs seem so unrelated until you realize your dog walker is taking award-winning photos of your pup doing its daily-biz while your phone’s camera images look like the blurry end of an Olan Mills portrait from the early nineties. “It’s a Google Pixel, first gen, even!” my amazing walker informed me. Honestly, that planted a seed. Months later, summer 2018, I began the common “sad second year descent” into iPhone vs. iPhone battery ownership and began contemplating the next, newest, awesome camera iPhone.

My loving dog walker had planted this Google Pixel seed. It was an uninvited and unwelcomed guest. I was, after all, a fully indoctrinated, oops I meant incorporated, Apple user. But then, on the verge of the end of my 3rd iPhone’s journey, I began to imagine a world without attachment and ease of the Apple World. Knowing the quality of the Google Pixel’s camera and abilities and speaking to many Pixel owners gave me confidence in venturing into new OS worlds. I got excited knowing that everything I use normally would be that much more connected. And and and CAMERA!!!!!

So, on the camera front no one was wrong. But, leaving the hand-holding-fat-fingered support of Apple’s iOS for Android has been nothing short of miserable. I LOVE the camera of the Google Pixel 2XL (and, most importantly, that it was about $560 on eBay and NOT $1300 IN REAL LIFE-I MEAN, SERIOUSLY—that’s a brand new computer plus two months car payment on a Honda lease!!)…BUT…I still don’t know how to use it properly. I still pocket dial or, more embarrassingly, send odd photos from my camera stream to Facebook friends. I am about one minute away from denouncing the phone and paying out the arse for a new iPhone  at any and every moment, but then I look at a photo of my doggie and how I can recognize his individual whiskers thanks to this annoying Pixel.  Sometimes I have to grow and adapt to make the world around me better. That being said, the vote is still out on my “big switch,” but the perfect shots of my little furry man make the switch that much easier.

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