Forever on 2

By: Opa

Forty five years ago, I was part of a pretty good High School football team. We were seniors that year. The previous year we had been the undefeated champions of our league.

But, our football history started as freshmen cheering on the bus “were number seven” (of nine teams in the league) as our bus rolled through town. In our defense as freshmen, we only had 33 guys out for both Varsity and JV, so a lot of underclassmen were playing on Varsity. That lead us to get our butts handed to us a lot that year.

As Sophomores, we did a little better as a JV team, but we still weren’t that good. Our numbers were better but still a lot of underclassmen were playing on Varsity, myself included. Looking back on it, I realize that I really wasn’t a member of either team.  I didn’t earn a Varsity letter, and I wasn’t allowed to play in JV games because of being needed as a Varsity backup.

Varsity lost only once my sophomore year. No—or at least few—complaints from me as it was my part to play as a team member. But, as Juniors, we were all together for the first time in our football careers and that season was magical. We became the first undefeated football team in school history. We made history!!!!

The next year as Seniors, our football program had 60+ guys out for JV and Varsity.  As we started the season, we were state ranked, and we made it in to the top 10 before we lost. To describe our first loss in two and a half seasons as having left us a little down would be an understatement. But, the next week we rebounded and beat our opponent 70-6.  We were back. We made it back to the championship game and were expected to repeat; however, no one told our opponent. It wasn’t a great game in my memory, but I’ll never forget it or the lessons it taught.

Moments in your life either dim or remain bright depending on their importance. Some of the more memorable ones are marriage, the birth of children or the death of a loved one. All are huge memories and play a major role in determining who we become. But, why do some memories that are ordinary or not the brightest memories become such a big part us?

It’s fourth down on our opponent’s 2-yard line with very little time left in the game. We are in the huddle.  Our Quarterback came in from the sidelines.  Coach calls, “Gold left blast left on two,” and the huddle goes ballistic! People are shouting, “Two!! We need to go on one!!  Not two!! What’s coach thinking??” Our QB tells everyone to shut up.  It’s on two! We line up.  We jump offside. We’re penalized 5 yards, and we try our first field goal of the season.  We fail. The game ends in an 8-8 tie. We are Co-Champions!

That memory is a little one in my life and it only comes up at reunions and sometimes when meeting old teammates. But, it is always accompanied with we could have scored if we went on one.

Why in life do we always relive those moments we would like to change but can’t? Instead, why don’t we concentrate on making the correct call today, getting it right today and stop trying to change the past?

Because it will forever be on 2.

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