By: Anonymous

While living inside of a world where the realm of comprehending is limited to that of only physical identity, few things are rarely understood.  Though there is no fault in not understanding these things, we are not foolish to seek the answers to them; we are only foolish to not seek them.  I admit that I do not know the exact answers because I am limited to the understanding of physical things, but I do believe that I may have some insight to the opening behind the answers.

Each individual possesses certain things that are beyond any type of physical measurement.  Despite the fact that we can compare sizes of these entities, absolute measurement cannot present itself upon them.  These supreme entities are the mind, spirit, and soul.  Granted that each of these can grow as well as become smaller, the exact amount is impossible to be given.  They are beyond weight, volume, or size.  And because these things have no physical boundaries, then who is to say that they are not beyond the limits of life and death.

I attempt to prove that there must be something beyond this lifetime in two separate but equal ways.  The ways of proving though, are separated by the beliefs that one might hold.  The first case is for those of you who do believe that there are things beyond the physical presence.  The second case is for those who believe that we are mere particles of space made up of atoms that the big bang is the ultimate creator of.  In any matter I will try to give some truth to something that may be a question that has never been completely answered before.

The first case has to deal with the fact that if the mind, soul, and spirit are beyond physical boundaries then there is ultimate proof that there is some kind of life after physical death.  Death is something that can only occur to a physical thing.  So in truth maybe physically death is actually a release of all things non-spatial.  Think of it in terms of a child being born.  But do not think of this in literal terms, but as a metaphor.

Within birth a child grows slowly and steadily inside of the womb where it is fed and nurtured.  But then comes the time of birth where the child is released of its physical boundary and then it starts to expand quicker and becomes a life of its own.  Now take the mind for example and picture that the womb is our body.  Inside of our body it grows steadily and slowly, but when death occurs, or as I call it a release, the mind expands indefinitely.  So for those of you who believe that we are not our body, would actually see this as a birth of our true self, our mind, soul, and spirit.  Using this theory, the poem “Do Not Stand At My Grave” could ultimately be right when it said in its last verse, “ do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die.”

The second case is provable on the point of the law of energy.  The law of energy states that energy cannot be destroyed nor could it cease to exist.  Now the thought process that naturalists believe is electric impulses that jump from synapse to synapse create a thought.  To naturalists, this is the creation and maintaining of the mind.  Now if the body dies, this energy cannot cease to exist, it must go somewhere.  It may not stay the same type of energy, but it does not cease to exist.  For example, maybe the energy that is located within our brains is just kinetic energy.  Therefore is it entirely beyond belief that maybe the kinetic energy that is present would turn to potential energy after the time of our physical death?

There is no way to prove exactly what the afterlife is.  To be completely honest, I am not sure that it is possible to prove whether the afterlife actually is in existence.  My intention is basically to show there could very well be proof that makes the assertion of an afterlife valid.  Do not take what I say to be a lie, nor should you take it to be exact truth.  My only hope is that the individuals that have read this, did so with eyes not clouded by close-mindedness but rather looked upon this document with extreme welcoming to new ideas.  As well as I do hope that the people that did read this, reflected on it to come up with their own ultimate truths and beliefs.

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