By: Angry Old Man

At the end of last year, I was in the mindset where I was taking a lot of things personally.  I knew that I should not take them personally, that it was not beneficial for me, but I could not shake myself from allowing this to happen.  When I took things personally I could feel my anxiety and tensions increase throughout my body.   Then I went to a great two day professional development seminar, sponsored by Character Lab (more) where I heard Gabrielle Oettingen speak (videos).  She discussed a strategy of taking our wishes and moving them into actions.

Her strategy was called WOOP.  WOOP stands for wish, outcome, obstacles and plan.  To start your WOOP you must clear your mind of all other thoughts.  Turn off your electronics and make sure that you are free for at least the next five minutes.  Then think about a wish which is achievable, challenging and important to you.  When you have decided on your wish try to get it down to 3-6 words.

The second stage is to them visualize the best outcome.  If I stopped taking things personally how would that make me feel.  The key to this step is to truly feel the emotion of the best outcome and to keep that feeling in your mind.

The third is what in you, prevents you from achieving this wish.  Try to see the obstacle as something in your own control.  Is this an obstacle or just an excuse?  Try to frame this obstacle in 3-6 words.

The last part of the strategy is the if, then.  If the obstacle comes up what will I do to overcome it.  When I continue to think about someone’s comments that I take personally what am I going to do?  My strategy is If I start taking things personally, I close my eyes, take a deep breath and feel the tension and the thoughts leaving my mind and my body.

WOOP has worked successfully to increase student achievement, health and other dream fulfillments.  So, if you have been having trouble getting some things done start WOOPING( quick lesson on WOOP)

As always, your feedback is appreciated.

This piece was originally published here: https://psychologyeconomics.blogspot.com/2018/10/woop.html

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