Fly on the Wall: Joe

By: Adam Sutton

“French!  French!  That’s a joke!  A bad one too.  He struggles with English, but let’s put him in French because that will solve his problems!”

He’s nice.  Affable.  Diligent and aspires to do well.  He reads like a 4th grader.  He’s in 9th grade.



“When’s somebody going to care about my kid!”

Joe needs help.  When he struggles, he pretends he’s a turtle.  He puts as much of his body under his desk as possible.  He’s embarrassed that he’s confused.  Joe is convinced embarrassment will turn to mortification if a teacher stops by to help.  In a class of 30, like in the wild, a concealed turtle can easily be overlooked.



“It’s a part-time job helping him with his homework!  What happens to his binder?”

It’s time to go.  Joe moves fast.  He stuffs, pushes and jams everything into his binder.  He’s out the door before anyone can remind him about his homework.

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