The Littles

By: Dumler

I have 4 kids: 20 to 2 years in age. What was I thinking? Why did we do this to ourselves? We could be sleeping in on the weekends? Well, maybe?  Then Scarlett the soon to be 2-year-old smiles or giggles, and It all makes sense to me. The unconditional love that we have for each kid and the little things about each one that makes them awesome.

Sam, was a fertility baby. At the age of 36, we spent over a $1000 and 5 years trying to have him.  He is worth every dollar and year that it took. He does math for fun and wants to be a super hero when he grows up. He counts everything. We took a long road trip—everything over 45 minutes is long to him and he counted to a million: first by ones to a hundred then by 100s to a million. I don’t have that kind of dedication. He also has endless amounts of energy. So, he plays soccer, and starting this month basketball, but, sometimes, after a long day of school, he passes out at 4 pm for the day. He has the best vocabulary of all his siblings and the worst mouth—shit, I think I know where he got that from.

Parenting at my age is so different from when I had Nic at 21. No coat in the car seat, sleep on his back, no solids till he sits up. What was I thinking? So, at the age of 40, I did it again.

Scarlett is the hellion of the group. But man, she gives great hugs. We can’t go out to eat without getting stares from people because she shouts and takes off her clothes.  She, also, smiles at everyone, and they instantly forgive her. Just last night, she was getting pictures taken and the photographer kept trying to sit her down on a bench.  She was not having it, so she laid on it and the photographer tried to redirect her but to no end.  Scar won: no pic with the bench.  By the end, her and the photographer were high fiving. She has a way of taking a bad moment and making it work out for you in the end.  She always smiles or giggles when she is up to something, so we will always know her tell.

So, after Sam asked about soccer, Scar said “me.” Now, on Saturdays, we will have 2 basketball games and 2 soccer games. The plate gets fuller, but they are only children once and therefore we do it. So, I can sit on the sideline and watch them turn into little Dumler’s right in front of my eyes.

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