By: Anonymous

It comes to one so delicate and so sweet,

That in such a path of two friends when they should meet.

A lonely venture so simple in itself,

With two men walking among their great wealth.

But their loneliness is shared between two souls,

Through times of remembrance and in the lightened holes.

And there comes a time when companions will go on part,

So their times alone shall now begin to start.

For I now walk alone in this mildly drawn night,

And I encounter what happens when dark turns into light.

Sweetly gazing into the night’s fragrant sky,

I slowly realize that times like this shall never die.

Times of love and sharing hands,

On a desolate street where life does stand.

Standing silently I do know now,

Wisdom comes to visit me and tells me just how,

The world could be so beautiful.

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