Snow Day

By: Anonymous

I will happily admit that one of the reasons I became a teacher was for the snow days.  I mean who could pass up a job where you randomly get days to stay in your jammies, cuddle with your kids, write the blog post you promised yesterday and not do all those other things you swore you were going to do if you only had a snow day? 

This morning has consisted of the following: staying in bed until 7am!!!!! (usually I am up at 5:30am),  making croissants for the kids, helping my daughter color her cape, snuggling with my son while he plays games on his iPad. That’s it!!!! Do you see how short of a list that is?!!!!! And that is wonderful!!!!!

Today was supposed to be: wake up at 5:30, get kids up at 6:20, get kids out the door by 7am, teach until 10:45, visit my son’s class until 12pm, pick up bike from ex-husband’s house and bring to school for play that opens in two weeks, teach until 2:20pm, rehearsals for said show until 5:30pm, playoff soccer game until 7:15pm, see Fiddler on the Roof at Hippodrome until 11pm, get home so babysitter can go home, give self chemo shot, put together all of the bags that need to go to ex-husband’s house with kids tomorrow when they leave me and go with him for a week, and, then, try to get some sleep.  Oh, and I should probably try and eat at some point.

See why I LOVE SNOW DAYS!!!!!!! These are the days when I get to really enjoy the simple and lovely. I get to stop and smell my daughter’s hair and just for a moment breath her in remembering what she smelled like as a baby and how much she has changed.  These are the days I get to hear my son laugh so loud while watching his sister do a ridiculous dance down the hallway.  I get to see how great of a big brother he really is and what kind of person he will become. These are the days we all snuggle under the covers and take turns reading Harry Potter so that my daughter can finally watch the first movie. These are the days when my eyes tear up because I am so lucky to have such amazing kids and time to cherish them.

But, there is one reason I don’t like snow days…

I am a director, and my show opens in two weeks.  We lost a very important rehearsal today.  My actors and tech kids are going to be super stressed out tomorrow at our next rehearsal.  This was their last opportunity to run the show with the ability to call for line if they needed it.  It was the last time to run the show without costumes and props thrown at the actors. It was the one full run where tech gets to sit in the audience and watch the show while taking notes in the script that will help them next week.  I am now adding a full day of tech on Sunday(my day off) to make up for losing today. I am hoping to God that we don’t lose any more rehearsals or an actual show (we lost a show, opening night, for High School Musical this past March).  As a director…I am not a fan of the snow days!!!!!

But as a mom and a human…I LOVE THE SNOW DAYS!!!!!!

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