By: Meg D

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”
Albert Einstein

So it happened suddenly.  For years, my realtor has sent me weekly updates on houses for sale.  I had only gone to see 3 prospective homes in all this time.  But, that third one, it was it.  Two years after I casually began looking fora house, I found the one.  The one worth all the time, energy, and stress of moving.

Little did I know that once I put in an offer, I had 48 hours to put my place on the market.  Two short days, and I had Long and Foster in my house, taking pictures to post online.

My home isn’t dirty, but it is full of things.  Stuff I don’t have room for but don’t want to get rid of. Stuff. Everywhere.

A few phone calls, the help of two amazing people and the arrival of a Pod, and that was it.  My house turned into a staged home.  There is space with extra furniture removed that I didn’t know existed. The things I kept in the home, my precious pictures and vases and knick-knacks are all showcased now since there isn’t distracting clutter all around.  There is nothing out of place,minus one pile of mail for me to go through each day. 

And for five days my house was glorious.  Before I left for work, or to the grocery store, or out for a drink with friends, I did a quick clean-up.  No dishes in the sink.  No spices left on the counter.  No dirty clothes outside of the hamper.  And then I got an offer.  An offer higher than I could have hoped for.  But, you know what, I really like this sense of calm when things aren’t around. With the stress of school and work and home inspections and movers and loan officers and title companies, it is nice to come home to a clean, spacious,simple home. 

Do I think I can keep this up without the cloud of potential strangers walking through my house at a moment’s notice?  I hope so.  Because, when things get hectic – as they always do – a clean, uncluttered space really makes my house a relaxing home.

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