Fly on the Wall: Janine

By: Adam Sutton

“She’s got an A?  Does she deserve it?”

Everyone has 10 minutes to examine the text for the day.  It takes Janine 5.  When her group starts to discuss the text, Janine’s group members retreat.  Janine reminds them of history and context they’ve missed or never been exposed to. 

“She seems enchanted with fantasy.  We’re not sure Brown is impressed with fantasy.”

She has 10 minutes to examine the text for the day.  Today, she’s brought her own book for the second 5 minutes. 

“Do you like to read?” I inquire. 

“Yes, all the time!  The texts you give could be a little longer.”

The 10 minutes allotted hasn’t been enough for the class.  Everyone except Janine has taken 20 minutes.  Some still need more time and have homework tonight.  Janine has fantasy to read. 

“The recommendation is due next month.  We sent it last week.  Just checking in!”

Literary club meets after school on Monday.  Wednesday is reserved for chess practice while Tuesday is Future Educators of America. Friday Janine takes a break and has piano lessons. 

At lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she tutors troubled 6th grade students. Tuesday is study club for any upcoming tests, and Thursday she partners with her “Best Buddy”—an autistic student with developmental delays—for lunch. 

“We worry she won’t be impressive enough.  The competition is fierce.”

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