Fly on the Wall: Tyler

By: Adam Sutton

“I appreciate a phone call.  I don’t like emails.”

Tyler likes the pictures of Jamestown.  He’s full of adjectives: cold, tough, harsh, lacking, strict, isolated, basic.  

“Was he talking?  He don’t talk out of turn!  No son of mine had no problems like talking out of turn.”

“Take out your essay outline,” I said.

“Essay outline?!?!  Ain’t nobody got no essay outline!”

The class in unison responds, “We got it yesterday.”

“I didn’t get it.”

“Here’s a new copy,” I say as I extend my hand to him.  

“This has a smudge on it!  Anybody else got a smudge?!?!  Ain’t fair.  I’m being picked on.  Only one with a smudgy paper!”  

“Everybody call my boy a cheater!  Ain’t no cheater!  No body seen him cheat!  Where’s the proof?”

“Michelle, why did Tyler have your paper at his desk?” I asked.

“I told him it wasn’t right.  He said he wouldn’t copy word-for-word.”  

“Tyler, how about you tell mom before I tell her?  I’ll call at 4:30 to give you time to come clean.” 

2 messages and 1 hang up later, I try to stay patient and positive.  

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