Serenity in Snow

By: CJ

The weather reports have us prepared.  Wood is pilled high along the side of the house; snow shovels are ready.  The car is safely stowed in the garage.  And, the cupboards are fully stocked to sustain us a for the couple of days of pandemonium that will ensue.

The wind is stirring, the sky is cold and grey.  The temperature is plummeting; those first few droplets of precipitation soak the ground and slowly evolve from an evil pelleting of sleet to chilled confetti.  Soon, the ground is covered in a serene blanket of white.  The flakes increase in size and number, the compiled layer growing thicker and thicker.  As daylight fades, the flames in the fireplace dance, lighting and heating our humble abode.

As night sets in the wind ramps up its howling.  The house creaks ominously, but remains steadfast in its protection of us.  Peering outside, the landscape continues to change, smaller features disappearing under the continuing deluge.  We decide to call it a night, and watch the fire die down, eventually snuggling underneath the warmest blankets we have.

We wake the next morning to find the air clear, yet the cold grey clouds persist.  The news on TV announces that everything is shut down.  Looking outside, there are minimal road maintenance; anyone without a vehicle specifically designed to maneuver in the now feet of snow isn’t driving anywhere.  After a hearty breakfast, we decide to brave the outside world on foot.  The air felt brisk and refreshing.

Upon discovering the difficulty associated with trying to walk through our new terrain, we focus on the task of shoveling ourselves out.  Despite the cold, the activity is making us sweat.  The thought of the hearty soup simmering on the stove drives us to complete the task at hand.  There is no one else about.  We have the world to ourselves. 

The walkway is nearly complete.  I pause for a deep breath and look up at my partner who has made impressive progress on the driveway.  I take the moment to glance around at the peaceful scenery around us.  I smile and look back at my companion, just in time to dodge the snowball aimed for my head.

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