Life’s Glitter

By: Anonymous

Being a single parent rocks. I mean, look, everyone knows it sucks. Everyone knows how much harder it is doing something as one person instead of two, let alone possibly having to get over the reason you are a single parent. But, it still rocks.

As a single mom, I set the rules, and I don’t have anyone to argue with the rules I set (besides my kid, but we all have those problems, single or not). If I want to decide that this Tuesday is a No-Pants-Tuesday, my daughter and I can fling off our pants when we walk in the door after school and work and no one will disapprove. If I decide that bedtime is at 7:30 because I’m a morning person and would rather my child wake up early and go to sleep early, who’s there to argue?

My ex-husband would literally vomit any time eggs were cooked in the house. You know what my daughter and I have for breakfast most mornings? Scrambled eggs. I don’t have to worry about anyone’s needs or desires besides my daughter’s now, and it’s a pretty wonderful thing.

Now that we live close to her father, my daughter visits him regularly. You know what makes losing time with her rock? Being able to spend our time apart cleaning, running errands, and slogging through the day-to-day crap that I no longer have to deal with while she’s around – when we are together, we are together with no distractions. Does my house get messy during that time? Sure. Is there anyone to complain? Nope.

Her visits with her dad also give me some much-needed alone time; time to recharge, unwind, and be “me” for a bit: read a book with no pictures, take a hot bath, watch an inappropriate show, eat ice cream with a spoon right out of the carton.

And you know what’s even better than the “me” time and having time to run errands and deal with life’s drudgery without her around? The pure joy on her face when she comes back to me – the running, arms wide open, huge smile on her face, screaming “Mommy” and jumping into my arms… every single time.

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows; life is shit, but if you look at it the right way, you can find the glitter thrown in.

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