Year in Review

By: Ed Kennedy

Many people, myself included, are asked by their employers to go through an annual review of their contributions to the organization over the year.  I am one of the few crazies who actually enjoys this process as it gives me a chance to find out how others perceive my performance and hopefully come up with strategies to grow.  Annual targets & benchmarks are discussed and then BANG the 2019 starting goes off signaling the next year.  I decided this year I will come up with a yearly self-review on my personal life so I can be more accountable and spend time reflecting on 2018.  The scorecard will be broken down into 4 categories family, health, career, and life satisfaction.  These are very simple.  The last category’s name could use more time being workshopped, but will give us a place to get started.  I encourage you play along.

Family:  2018 Highlights: Made it into our 6th year of marriage and 3rd being parents. 

Strengths:  Passionate about both parenting and my lovely wife.  Our son seems to be a pleasant, happy little boy which leads me to believe we are doing something right.  Marriage is going strong and we are getting better at balancing home/work/parenting responsibilities.  Got to spend a fair amount of time with sister and father who live out of state. 

Areas for Improvement in 2019:  At preschool my son was playing and shouted unprovoked, “Where’s my f***ing soup!!”  After I was done crying with laughter, it made me realize he’s a sponge & I need to be careful of language (pretty sure I never said the soup phrase), tone, and actions.  Like any marriage we have fights, but most of those happen due to a lack of communication (See: me not listening).  Improved communication is key.  Visit with friends and family more often and make more time for the inner circle.  I lost one of my best friends in 2018 which reinforced the fact that tomorrow is not promised so spend time with those you love.

Health:  2018 Highlights:  Made it through annual physical without any issues.  Made visits to the dentist, GI, and dermatologist for screens. 

Strengths:  Exercised more than 2017 and could see some results in terms of strength and range of motion.  Cut out the weekly cigar and started to work on cardio. 

Areas for Improvement in 2019:  Did not keep up the routine during the holidays and paid for it at the scale and waistline.  Need to cut back on sugar and other junk foods.  Health & exercise is easy to overlook because of convenience.  Will be a 2019 priority and will get back to my ‘fighting weight’.

Career:  2018 Highlights:  Hit annual targets and goals for 2018.  Best year for our new(er) team and captured more market share than 2016 & 2017 combined. 

Strengths: Stayed on top of our network and got creative, coming up with solutions for our clients.  Built internal/external business partnerships that should be longstanding. 

Areas for Improvement in 2019:  Stay focused on the overall goals and try not to get emotionally tied to the day-to-day wins and losses.  It is hard to turn off ‘the feels’ when you care about something, but wasting energy on things that you cannot control is useless.

Overall Life Satisfaction:  2018 Highlights:  Had a great family vacation.  Feel pretty good about my career path and enjoy my ‘industry’.  Got to see a couple of college friends on an unexpected trip.  Spent Christmas with family.  Crazy bachelor party with hometown friends I haven’t seen in too long. 

Strengths:  Tried to seek out more ‘experiences’ and less time being caught up in the daily grind. 

Areas for Improvement for 2019:  Be more positive, stay active, take (2) week long vacations, keep family close, parent my ass off, be a better husband, and attack 2019. 

I would encourage you take a look back at your year and go through a similar exercise.  2018 was a wild ride with some pretty high peaks and incredibly low valleys.  Bare minimum you can look back on what you wrote and get an understanding of where you were as a person in 2018.  I wish all of you a Happy New Year and hope that you have a fantastic 2019!

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