Fly on the Wall: Salena

By: Adam Sutton

“Salena?  No way!”

“In middle school, she was a terror.  Every day she had to be removed from class.  She was mean, rude, nasty and full of hate,” her counselor shared. 

“Excuse me, Mrs. Schneider?  I’m having a little trouble figuring out this problem,” Salena said after being called on.

As Mrs. Schneider approached, she could see Salena was working on problem #7.  “Ahhh, yes, Salena.  Problem #7 has been stumping students all day.  What angle should we look at?”

“The 30 degree one.”

“Good.  Good.  So, what’s the problem?  You remember the SOH-CAH-TOA, right?”

“I remember, but the problem is that all sides of this triangle are labeled.  So, I’m a little unsure about whether the hypotenuse can also be the adjacent side too?  It seems like it can’t be both, but I just don’t want to mess it up.  I apologize if you already answered these questions.  I don’t mean to pester you,” Salena politely responded. 

“In 3rd grade, her parents dropped her off at school,” the counselor continued, “and never came back.”

“What?  How?  That doesn’t even make sense,” Mrs. Schneider stammered. 

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