Fly on the Wall: Bill

By: Adam Sutton

The lunch passes are thumb tacked to the bulletin board next to Ms. Sanders’ desk.

“Ms. Sanders, wanna hear something exciting?” Bill blurts out.

“Sure.  Fire away.”

“I’ve got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch today!” Bill shares before hurrying off to 1st period.

There are 2 students huddled around Ms. Sanders’ desk as Bill approaches.  “What types of rights are there under the 5th Amendment?” Ms. Sanders asks her students.

Bill awkwardly looks over everyone huddled at Ms. Sanders’ desk.  “That paper’s hard.  I need help with it.  Can I get a pass?” he asks dejectedly. 

“Sure, Bill.  Grab one from the board, and I’ll sign it,” Ms. Sanders says as she helps the other students think about the scenarios where the 5th Amendment may be relevant. 

After a few moments, Bill pipes up.  “How do I get a pass?”  Ms. Sanders turns around to see Bill pulling on the passes.  “They don’t come off.”

“Bill, you have to take out the thumb tack first.”

“What’s that?”

“This little guy right here,” Ms. Sanders points. 

Bill grabs it and pulls.  The passes cascade onto the floor as Bill watches in complete surprise.  “How’d that happen?”

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