Fly on the Wall: Cruz

By: Adam Sutton

“Welcome to Advanced Placement Calculus.  This is a great class, but it’s a tough class too,” Mr. Hughes warned on Day 1. 

“Has anyone seen Cruz?  He hasn’t been here since last week,” Mr. Hughes asked to no one in particular.  The class murmured and grumbled but had no answers. 

Cruz put his book down as Mr. Hughes approached.  “Cruz!  It’s great to have you back.  We missed you!  Let’s see if we can get you caught up on these integrals.  Did you pick up the practice problems for today?”

Cruz slid the paper out from under his book.  “I think these right.”

Flabbergasted, Mr. Hughes studied the paper.  “Cruz,” he paused.  “These…these look perfect.  How?  I mean you’ve been gone over a week.  How?” stammered Mr. Hughes.

“You give us readings ahead of time.  I read when work at my parent’s restaurant.  I keep up.  It’s not so tough.  Other students need read more.”    

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