Vaccines: Let’s Keep Measles Eradicated

By: Ed Kennedy

Some news stories are happy, some are sad, and some are just truly unbelievable.  Seeing the story of the most recent measles outbreak of over 38 cases in Clark County, Washington and nearly 200 cases in New York was alarming and fell into the third category.[i]  We have a young child at home and try our best to make sure that he lives a healthy, happy life.  That includes making sure that he is fully vaccinated for things like measles.  Yes, seeing your child taking a shot is heartbreaking, but is a low cost to make sure both, your child and the children that surround them, are safe from infectious diseases.  Not vaccinating is damaging to medical science and setting us back decades.  This article is to give baseline sourced facts to help inform people that are thinking of not vaccinating.  The footnotes here are links to reputable sources that I would encourage you to read the articles if you are on the fence.

One false narrative that is out there is that somehow vaccination can ‘cause’ autism in young children.  That has been proven to be baseless and not one study has proven that the MMR vaccines can be the linked to autism.[ii] The article from JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) had a large sample size of over 95,000 vaccinated and unvaccinated children and found no greater increase in autism with either sample.  The Mayo Clinic has also answered a number of tough questions regarding vaccines and the links to autism.[iii]  They concurred that there was no link to autism, and generally it is a much better idea to vaccinate than not vaccinate.  They did recognize that vaccines can cause minor side effects and in very rare instances a severe reaction, but the risk are very minimal compared to an outbreak of the diseases they protect against

Now I understand there are plenty of stories and social media influencers who say that vaccinations are bad for one reason or another, but I would question the source.  It is getting increasingly more difficult to find a news story that does not come with some sort of agenda, but facts are facts on this one and this is an area where nearly all medical professionals agree…vaccines are more beneficial than not.  I would caution you to rely on word of mouth or listening to celebrities like Kat Von D when it comes to the health of your child.  These diseases are a real threat and it is not ‘trendy’ to send your unvaccinated child to school.  Let’s keep diseases like measles eradicated and keep are children safe from unnecessary harm.




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