Fly on the Wall: Jasmine

By: Adam Sutton

“You have 7 options to choose from.  My ratings of each book are on the back with a brief description of each story.  Take the next 10 minutes or so to look over your choices and rank your top 3.  The people who return their signed forms first will be the ones who get their top choices, so get your paper signed ASAP!”

Afi was right. The next night the kindly redheaded sailor was nowhere to be seen. Amari was taken to a filthy corner of the ship by a dark-haired, skinny sailor who used her, hurt her, and tossed her back on the deck, bruised and bleeding, all of her dreams finally and forever destroyed. Afi said nothing but held Amari and rocked her until her tears stopped flowing. The following night Amari was taken by two sailors.

They took turns. She wanted to die.

Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper

“Hi.  This is Mr. Sanchez calling.  I’m looking for Jasmine’s mom.”

“This is her.”

“Well, I’m calling about Jasmine’s book project permission form.  She’s selected the most intense book available.  It deals with the slave trade, and the content is pretty heavy,” Mr. Sanchez relates.  “I’d like to read you a passage if I may.”

“Mr. Sanchez, Jasmine refuses to pick up a book.  Ever.  You gave her that form last Friday, and she hasn’t stopped talking about that book all weekend.  I don’t even know the book. She was hurrying me out the door this morning because she said we had to be early to school because she had to get the form to you so that she’d get that book.  You can read me the passage, but if she doesn’t get this book I will go pay in gold bars so that I can have it because I want to see that my kid isn’t actually allergic to books.” 

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