Fly on the Wall: Todd

By: Adam Sutton

It’s before homeroom.  The bell rang moments ago and in walks Todd.

“Yo, Mr. Anderson when we gettin’ those books?”

“Well, the forms just went out 2 days ago, so next week some time, I think.”

“Lame.  I want mine today.”

As suddenly as he appeared, Todd was gone. 

“I farted!” Todd yelled across the room. 

“Todd.  What have we-“

“Brian can you smell it?” Todd continued undeterred. 


“Joanne, whatcha think?  Wanna go out this weekend?”


Todd stands up and shouts, “Who wants another fart!  I ate the chili for lunch!”

“So, here’s the deal.  Today, you get to read the book you chose on your project form.  You know you have to do your journal entries, 5 of them, at some point.  But, today is for-”

“Mr. Anderson, no offense, but can you zip it.  I’m trying to read here,” said Todd.

Then, it was silent. 

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