Fly on the Wall: Tyrell

By: Adam Sutton

“I got my book form in my locker Ms. Wilson.”

“Take the pass and go get it so you can get your book today.”

“I can’t get my first choice?  Susan got the book I wanted.  It’s not fair,” Tyrell groaned.

“Susan turned her form in the first day I collected them.  2 weeks ago.  Pick a second choice book.  How about this one?  Jefferson’s Sons.  It’s great.  I bet you’d like it.”

“Ugh.  C’mon.  I just want Susan’s book.  You’re not fair.  That book looks big and boring,” Tyrell continues. 

Grudgingly Tyrell accepts Ms. Wilson’s suggestion and returns to his seat where he continues to bemoan the injustice being done to him. 

“I’m not reading it,” Tyrell says to no one and everyone at the same time.  “Ms. Wilson doesn’t like me.  She’s got favorites.  Susan.  Juwan.  Brendan.  Malcolm for sure.  He got his first choice.”

“Tyrell, be quiet and read,” Ms. Wilson scolded. 

Under his breath Tyrell mutters in response, and then continues, “She don’t like me.  I bet she had my brother and didn’t like him either.  She don’t like Bennetts.  Probably hates all of us.  Just plain petty.  Not give no man his first choice book.”

“Tyrell.  This is 2.”

“I’m not doin’ nothin’.  Leave me alone.  Don’t talk to me.”

“Three.  Desk in the hall.  Go.” 

“Ms. Wilson!  It’s so good!  I can’t believe he touched it!  What was he thinking!?  How’s he gonna touch the violin!?  That was a bad idea.  You know it was a bad idea.  Can you believe he did that?  Is he gonna get in trouble?”

“Tyrell, there is one way to find out,” Ms. Wilson assured him.    

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