Fly on the Wall: Zoe

By: Adam Sutton

“Hey, Zoe.  How are you doing?” Mr. Francis asks.


“Well, it looks like you’re struggling with #1.  How did American independence influence others around the world?  What is a key word for us to focus on here?”


“Ok.  Maybe.  What about independence?  What’s that mean?”

“Like it depends.  Sometimes it’s one thing, and sometimes it’s another.  Depends.”

“How are you today, Zoe?”

“This class is dumb.  I hate reading.”

“Everybody, look at the question on the board.  I want you to think about whether the US is acting independently or interdependently when it comes to dealing with Britain at this time period.  Don’t shout out.  Think first.  Raise hand second.  Patience.”

Immediately Zoe’s hand is in the air.  Mr. Francis discreetly gives her a thumbs up and encourages her to be patient. 

“Zoe whatcha thinking?” Mr. Francis asks. 

“Well, basically the US told Britain to buzz off ‘cause they didn’t need their help.  We won the War of 1812, so Britain was like whatever to us, and we were gonna control the world.  So, yea, that’s pretty independent.”

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