By: Opa

As a son of a handy man, it fell to me to be his gofer. I like to tell people that early on I thought my name was “hold it.”  I didn’t know it then, but I think we were on the low end of middle class, so my father was really good at making and fixing stuff.

I remember one summer when him and I built a three-car garage and poured a lot of concrete. We did not frame up the pads and call for a truckload of concrete.  NO.  We got the sand, cement, #1 stone, an old mixer and a wheelbarrow. One bag of cement.  Ten shovels of sand.  Five shovels of stone.  Add water. Not too much water but enough.   You want it to be like dry cooked oatmeal. Then you position your wheelbarrow on the other side of the mixer and take the handle and turn the mixer over, filling the wheelbarrow. Now, the tricky part is you have to grab the handles, pick it up and balance fifty to sixty pounds on the single wheel and try your damnedest not to dump it.

That was then and today they have two-wheel wheelbarrows.

It made me think about life.  We stumble through it doing the very best we can with the tools we have. But, there are tools out there that can make our lives better. Sometimes you just have to look for them: like the two-wheel wheelbarrows.

Life gets hard. The challenges are many and things don’t always work out like we planned. Life is really hard to balance and sometimes you just dump stuff. Life’s a lot like the wheelbarrow. There are one-wheel moments which can be a handful.  Other time, it’s a two-wheel moment which brings more stability.

So remember, when life gets hard and things seem unbalanced, just find your two-wheel wheelbarrow.

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