Fly on the Wall: Kyle

By: Adam Sutton

“Alright class.  Give me your attention here in 3…..2….1,” Mr. Kruger said.  “Kyle, could you stop touching Amari’s stuff, please?”

“C’mon.  She’s not complaining,” Kyle grumbled.

“Yet.  She is not complaining yet.  Because she is patient.  Now, we have a few things to accomplish today.  Firs—”

“Mr. K?  Those shoes new?” asked Kyle.

“Kyle, pay attention.  You need to finish your test.  If you finish early, clean out your binder.  Kyle I can hear you.  Your whisper is a normal person’s yell.”

“Oh, you playin’ now.”

“Incorrect.  But, once your binders are cleared out, you can grab a notecard.  Write a letter to your favorite teacher.  Tell them something nice,” Mr. Kruger continued unphased. 

“Hey Mr. K?”

“Yes, Kyle.”

“Can I get a couple of those notecards?”

“Have you finished your test?”

“No, you know it’s not my thing.”

“Have you cleared out your binder?”  Kyle and Mr. Kruger stared at each other without comment.  “You haven’t had a binder all year.  How would you clean it?”

“You’re learning Mr. K.  So, can I get a couple notecards?”  Mr. Kruger rolled his eyes and handed several cards to Kyle.

Dear Mrs. Marsh,

You’re a patient teacher.  Even when I don’t listen, you’re nice.  I like your teaching.  Sometimes I learn stuff like how gravity always pulls stuff back to Earth.  It keeps me from floating away.


Dear Mr. Kruger,

You’re a great teacher.  Easy to understand.  I know I give you a hard time but you still works with me and helps me out.  Look at the back —>

THANK YOU  Sincerely- Kyle

(back) Show this to your wife.  I want her to know how great of a teacher you are. 

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