A Dark Comedy

By: Anonymous

Waking up in the morning is rarely an eventful situation, rather it is a highly routinized set of drone-like actions unfolding like a line of dominoes. 

Alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze, alarm, shut off.
Rub eyes, stretch out, long sigh, grab phone, blind self with screen brightness, open social media app.
What’s the news…?

A black hole.

For so long, we have been told of such enormous, complex entities that defy our comprehension of physical existence. Though theoretically we knew they must exist, and we have created countless versions of these cosmological masses without ever having the ability to see it. And now we have. Phenomenal. Barely more than three years ago, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was proven when we received disruption in the space-time through gravitational waves emitted from what was believed to be a coming together… and now, we have seen a black hole.

And then I scroll down to see the President of the United States promoting a video that has been doctored to make a sitting congresswoman look like a terrorist-sympathizer, or worse, a terrorist herself. Just days after speaking to reporters that he believes there was an ‘attempted coup’ by our intelligence agencies because they investigated plausible allegations… 

This is the duality of our reality.

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