Fly on the Wall: Angela

By: Adam Sutton

“She gets extended time!” her mom insists.

“Yes.  She does.” Mr. Percy replies patiently. 

“Then, why is her grade already in the gradebook, and she isn’t being given anymore time?” mom continues.

“She gets a 50% extension.  I’ve given her an extra week.  She is getting so far behind because I’ve given her 5 extra days for the test that took 2 periods.”

“She gets extended time!” her mom insists.

“Yes, and here at the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), we honor the testing accommodations of our aspiring young drivers,” the MVA representative offers, reassuringly. 


“The documentation you provided says she is to receive a 50% extension.  The test is scheduled to take 20 minutes, so she will receive 30 minutes.”

“That, clearly, is not enough time.”

“I get extended time!” Angela insists.

“What are you doing!” the MVA tester shouts. 

“It takes me a little longer to make decisions!” Angela yells back.

“We are in the left lane!” the MVA tester yells as he yanks the wheel to the right.

“I need more time!” Angela cries as the horn from the oncoming car blares.    

“We didn’t have any more time.” 

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