What really matters!

By: Opa

We obsess about everything: do we have the best spouse, children, house, car, clothes, everything?  But, the most wonderful thing we have, we take it for granted. We don’t care for it or covet or pay it any attention until we lose it. Then we wish for nothing in this world but it!

This week has been a really shitty week.  I’ve had a viral infection that was not streptococcus, but it still knocked me on my butt—had the full body aches and pains, headache and the worst sore throat ever. My throat hurt so bad that I had to learn how to swallow again. I think I’m on the mend but still not very steady or strong yet.

So, you probably figure out that the “it” is your health. The thing that allows us the ability to stress out about everything else. But when we don’t have it, we think of nothing but it. Our ability to ignore our health and still function pretty normally is amazing. We could not treat our pets, cars or plants as badly as we sometimes treat our own bodies.

With that said be nice to your body.  Take it for a walk.  Go for a swim.  Stay active. Hell, once in a while give it a treat: an apple, green beans, avocado (it’s a fruit). Pretty sure you know what to do.  Now do it!

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