Spreading Lies

By: Anonymous

Yesterday, someone alluded to me on social media and made some pretty serious negative statements about my character and my intentions.  They really threw me under the bus based on information that was half-truth at best, and at worst, an outright fabrication. 

I privately messaged the folks involved and expressed both my concern and desire to mediate the situation.

I was met with venom. 

No one on the “other side” seems interested in truth. All parties seem intent on demonizing me. 

Last night felt pretty crushing.

Today, I just feel anger, actually. I won’t defend myself. The statements and sentiments are so ridiculous, and the minds so closed that I realize it is a waste of my breath to reach out and extend another olive branch.

This is a new skillset for me. Previous iterations of me might feel bad or even grovel to be on the “good side” of friends.

I call this version of me my best: strong and solid in my core values, sure of my intentions, and not willing to compromise.

Being misunderstood and maligned stinks, but being walked on is worse.

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