By: Anonymous

I was lost for a while

Finding warmth and love in empty bottles where the next lover was just a sip away.

I wanted nothing but to feel the sensation of my emotions going away.. slipping into nothing.

I wanted the numbness to disappear

I wanted the pain to evaporate

I wanted you to go away

You brought so much life and you took it away

Without warning

My life was shattered once again and I went back to them..

The endless bottles that satiated not only my loneliness but also my anger

Endless nights I poured my veins with red wine to ease my pain.

To erase you from every memory that only brought sorrow and misery

You, once again took my vulnerability and manipulated every touch, every stroke, every kiss to exact perfection.

I never saw it coming..

Those evil hands slowly enclosing on my heart till it shattered once again.

My broken heart took yet another blow.. I should’ve known

The cracks in it have yet stressed even further and deeper.

Trust is no more

You.. are no more.

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