Free Time is Great for Being Busy

By: Anonymous

For nearly two years now, I have continued on an unending path of “doing too much” that I can never feel rested. Throwing out the perpetual conversation of the lifestyle of a teacher during the school year—which I will not go into here—summers are where I normally get my rest and relaxation. However, this past summer I remained busy working summer school and other administrative responsibilities for my school.  The end result was coming into a new school year unrested and feeling rundown already in September. That was a horrible idea.

This past Fall, I would spend most weekdays working late and not getting home until 6:30pm or later (especially nights that I had Grad School), which was made more tiring when I injured my knee and required surgery in October. The next couple of months were filled with painful rehab in the evenings and soreness during the workday. By January, I was excited that the swelling and soreness mostly subsided and rehab dwindled to a small workout or two a week.  Finally, I could put a disastrous Fall behind me.

Something you should know about me—I have always dreamed of one day being a professor. And I lived this dream when within a span of 72 hours, I learned of an opening for an evening course, applied to it, and was hired. Unfortunately, I was hired the day the semester began (Friday), and my first class was Monday. I had the weekend to create my course, write out a syllabus, and plan my first two lessons. My wife questioned whether it was a smart move to add this onto an already busy schedule, but I planned it out; each night I would plan for the next day’s classes (whether it be my high school classes, college class, or my Grad School class’s homework).

The short version, I never had a free moment to myself without thinking about everything I had to get done. Lessons were planned the night before, grading piled up for the weekends, I was completing my own homework minutes before it was due.  Ultimately, I had finally found my breaking point. I couldn’t do it. I thought I could balance it out and achieve success, but the truth was that I ended up giving only 75% to everything. Instead of enjoying the achievement of a life’s dream, I dreaded every class I had to teach and regretted my choice to take ANOTHER task on. I would wake up to the dream that summer could not come soon enough.

Now, it’s on the horizon. My college course is done, Grad School is on summer break, and I’m in the last full week of high school classes and my seniors gaze into their coming graduations. And would you believe it, I have spent the past two weekends lying on my couch and watching seasons of “The Office” (more than I would like to admit).  I have meditated and searched my soul and discovered that I miss having time to myself—no surprise. I have also discovered that I don’t like spending a lot of time watching TV—that was a surprise! All these months of dreaming for the day I could be a lazy bum sitting on a couch and watching TV, and what I came to realize was that I like to be busy.  I just prefer being busy with hobbies. Now, my wife looks at me like I’m a little bit crazy because I’m looking at acoustic guitars on Amazon and asking her if she wants to learn Sign Language with me.

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