By: Anonymous

I practiced grace this week—the unearned forgiveness. Free pass. The nod that said, “I know you cut me off in traffic. This is my smile and wave instead of my middle finger.”

I can’t explain the difference it made. For me.

I have no idea what it meant to strangers, my former spouse, my co workers….but for me? The difference was astounding. Every action became an opportunity to act like a benevolent grand Poohbah. 

I forgive thee!

And thee!

And thee, too!!

Dropped the ball at work? No sweat.

Effed up an entire presentation? No problemo!

Forgot to pick up groceries/the kid/the tab….forgiven!

It was like a sport, this grace-giving.

I had fun.

Life seemed more positive because it WAS.

But the funny thing is…that it was 100% my own attitude that changed. Stupid stuff still happened, but I committed to grace. 

The difference was in me. 

I’m going to do it again this week. 

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