End of the Line

By: Adam Sutton

I wanted to write more, but I couldn’t motivate myself, or I didn’t have the confidence or something.  Then, 11 months ago, I decided I’d try to create a community of writers devoted to people speaking honestly and openly about their interests.  My goal was to find 30 people to join me on this journey.  Since that search started, I’ve had more than 30 writers contribute more than 300 pieces.  It’s a lot more than I thought was possible. 

My 1st post was about my mid-life crisis and the paralysis I faced around changing my relatively comfortable life.  The self-help books told me I needed to tackle my doubts and anxiety by pushing ahead even if it was intimidating, so I did.  While my mid-life crisis is not over, I’ve got a lot of ideas about what I’d like to do in the future.  However, those same self-help books also told me to be honest about when it was time to move on. 

Since OnceEveryThirty started, I’ve been more involved in my community than ever before.  I’ve written more than I ever thought possible, and I have gained more confidence in the uncertain road ahead.  But, I’m also really tired.  I need a break. This will be the last post here for a while, or maybe ever.  Who knows?  But, I want to take a minute to thank everyone who has written, read, or shared the work of this community.  I appreciate it, and I’m better off for your efforts.  It’s been a blast.    

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