The Inspiration

Once Every Thirty is based on a simple idea: 30 people sharing 30 stories every month.

This is an experiment about the power of telling one story a day and sharing it across 30 different networks.  Each day we feature a new writer, and it is as though that writer owns the page.  Their story may be in response to an earlier story.  Their story may be a recollection of their last week as a gardener at the Governor’s mansion.  Their story could be an update on a fictitious character they live vicariously through once every month.  Or something else that I can’t fathom to imagine.

Each member in this community has only 2 jobs each month.  First, they provide a story on their assigned day of the month.  Second, each day, they share the published story with their respective networks.  It’s that simple.

The identity of each writer may or may not be known to the public.  This is a choice made by each writer.  There is only one person who knows all the writers.  That’s me, Adam.  My assigned day is the 1st of every month.  I’ve tried writing my own blog, and I’m working on a book, but I struggle to consistently share my thoughts publicly.  This experiment forces me to confront my biggest challenge.  If I’m not leading off each month, how can I expect the community to function?  So, this experiment at its core is a personal challenge to do something I’ve always wanted to do.  Now, I’m doing it with 30 other people who intrigue me to no end.