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Jim Mattis: Education Savior?

By: Adam Sutton, teacher and writer A few weeks back, Jim Mattis, unknowingly, delivered a blueprint for education reform.  In talking with NPR’s Steve Inskeep about preparing for war, Mattis proclaimed, “we don’t study history in a way that we can apply it.”  He’s right. We don’t educate students in public schools with an eye … Continue reading Jim Mattis: Education Savior?

End of the Line

By: Adam Sutton I wanted to write more, but I couldn’t motivate myself, or I didn’t have the confidence or something.  Then, 11 months ago, I decided I’d try to create a community of writers devoted to people speaking honestly and openly about their interests.  My goal was to find 30 people to join me … Continue reading End of the Line

Mothering Boys

By: Stephanie Rice Catherine of Aragon. The Infanta. Daughter of Spanish Queen Isabella, one of the most ruthless crusaders of all time, founder of the Spanish Inquisition. Catherine was betrothed as a child to one future king of England, only for him to die leaving her fate to marry another, King Henry the VIII. In … Continue reading Mothering Boys

The Necklace

By: C.M. Stephens I lost a necklace. It just disappeared. And it wasn’t just any necklace, it was a present from my sister-in-law. This necklace had tiny pink opal beads linked together in the shape of a y. It was wearable with almost anything, especially my drab black and white wardrobe that hasn’t changed since … Continue reading The Necklace


By: H.A. Spinelli “ I won’t be able to attend today’s meeting. I’ll get the notes from someone tomorrow.” My department chair gave me a puzzled look. I am a teacher who always attends meetings. I am always early, or at the very least, on time. I rarelymiss meetings or make plans on days when … Continue reading Epiphany