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Jane, Not Forgotten Pt. 3

By: C.M. Stephens The year following the death of Jane’s husband was a blur of grey sadness and kind faces trying to console her. Friends slowly stopped coming by, unable to sit with her enormous emptiness. A visit from her husband’s banker brought her out of her misery. Her husband still owed money on the … Continue reading Jane, Not Forgotten Pt. 3

The Little Things

By: H.A. Spinelli The little things. What are they? How do we know when we see them, experience them, or in some less-than-flattering instances, when we become them? No matter how differently they manifest, they are a common thread in the human experience. When the little things surface, they are more than what their name … Continue reading The Little Things

Stop complaining

By: An Angry Old Man Do not go into the faculty room, was the advice given to me when I first started teaching.  All they do in the faculty room is complain.  What I realized is complaining is not only common among teachers, but you can find it in any organization.  The truth is that it saps the … Continue reading Stop complaining

Get off your phone!

By: Prianca Naik I looked up from my computer at a nursing home where I was seeing patients and noticed in my periphery the darkened silhouette of a male nurse whose head was tilted down thirty degrees or so to type into his phone without looking up for several minutes.  The days of people making … Continue reading Get off your phone!

Spreading Lies

By: Anonymous Yesterday, someone alluded to me on social media and made some pretty serious negative statements about my character and my intentions.  They really threw me under the bus based on information that was half-truth at best, and at worst, an outright fabrication.  I privately messaged the folks involved and expressed both my concern … Continue reading Spreading Lies