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Free Time is Great for Being Busy

By: Anonymous For nearly two years now, I have continued on an unending path of “doing too much” that I can never feel rested. Throwing out the perpetual conversation of the lifestyle of a teacher during the school year—which I will not go into here—summers are where I normally get my rest and relaxation. However, … Continue reading Free Time is Great for Being Busy

Choices Have Consequences

By: Opa Joe Pettit wrote how playing poker “helped to school me in the realities of life.” I was struck by his story and his ability to open our eyes to learn lessons from sources we may not have considered. Because in everything we do, there are lessons. Some lessons are received and appreciated while … Continue reading Choices Have Consequences

Famous Last Words: I’m Ready for Kids.

By: Anonymous I may be a little late to the game, but my fiancé and I are in serious talks about trying to have a child soon.  I’m 35, and most of my friends already have kids.  My few friends that don’t have children yet are probably going to be lifelong bachelors.  I gotta say, … Continue reading Famous Last Words: I’m Ready for Kids.

Lessons Learned at the Poker Table

By: Joe Pettit Poker and ethics are not two words that many people would quickly put together.  For reasons that I do not entirely understand, poker is still understood by more than a few as an unscrupulous, or at least unsavory activity.  If I had to guess, this comes from the fact that money – … Continue reading Lessons Learned at the Poker Table


By: Kristi Rizzo My oldest child will celebrate his 17th birthday this month.  As he finishes his junior year of high school and we prepare for all things associated with senior year and beyond, I am left wondering if I did enough.  “Let him do it.”  Our first hours of parenthood in a Baltimore hospital … Continue reading Mothering

The Too-Small World of a Good White Person

By: Jeanne Cameron (Guest sermon delivered at May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church, Syracuse, NY, May 26, 2019) Good morning. I’d like to begin with a brief meditation on history written by the remarkable James Baldwin – History, as nearly no one seems to know, is not merely something to be read.  And it does not … Continue reading The Too-Small World of a Good White Person