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Fly on the Wall: Arthur Part II

Part I By: Adam Sutton “Arthur, the bell rang 10 minutes ago.  Where have you been?” Ms. Rangels asks.  “My gym locker got stuck.  Then, I had to go to the bathroom.  Then, I remembered I forgot something in my class, and I went to Mr. Anderson’s class instead of yours because I messed up … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Arthur Part II

Fly on the Wall: Mrs. George Part II

By: Adam Sutton PART I “Is that the Mrs. George?” her husband teased.  “The one with the most patience and more love than any human being has ever mustered.  The one all the parents want teaching their kid,” he pressed on.  “The Mr. George better get out of here.  You see this grading, right?” “I … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mrs. George Part II

Fly on the Wall: LaToya Part 2

By: Adam Sutton The case against [Dawnta] Harris hinged on whether jurors believed the boy burglarized two homes with his friends before running over the officer. Prosecutors charged him as an adult with “felony murder,” meaning a felony crime in which a death is foreseeable — for example, when a burglar breaks into a home, … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: LaToya Part 2

What really matters!

By: Opa We obsess about everything: do we have the best spouse, children, house, car, clothes, everything?  But, the most wonderful thing we have, we take it for granted. We don’t care for it or covet or pay it any attention until we lose it. Then we wish for nothing in this world but it! … Continue reading What really matters!

T’was the Season of Prom

By: Anonymous Tonight is my school’s prom.  I have been chaperoning it every year since I started working there.  It is one of my favorite nights of the year.  It always makes me laugh watching the young men try hard to act like gentlemen.  As you may know, high school boys have a really tough … Continue reading T’was the Season of Prom


By: Joe Pettit Racial justice will never happen unless enough white people demand itThere will never be enough white people demanding racial justiceRacial justice will never happen“Justice” must be endured and survived by black (and other non-white) people“Justice” is exploited by wildly hypocritical white people As a white person hoping to live with a modicum … Continue reading “Justice”