Fly on the Wall: Cruz

By: Adam Sutton “Welcome to Advanced Placement Calculus.  This is a great class, but it’s a tough class too,” Mr. Hughes warned on Day 1.  “Has anyone seen Cruz?  He hasn’t been here since last week,” Mr. Hughes asked to no one in particular.  The class murmured and grumbled but had no answers.  Cruz put … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Cruz

Two Roads Diverged, and I Traveled Both

By: Rebecca Frager I have had two very different career paths in my life.  The first is the one my father pushed me toward. The second is the one my ex-husband pushed me toward.  I often tell new friends that I have this life and a former life. But I have learned that life has … Continue reading Two Roads Diverged, and I Traveled Both

Fly on the Wall: Bill

By: Adam Sutton The lunch passes are thumb tacked to the bulletin board next to Ms. Sanders’ desk. “Ms. Sanders, wanna hear something exciting?” Bill blurts out. “Sure.  Fire away.” “I’ve got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch today!” Bill shares before hurrying off to 1st period. There are 2 students huddled around … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Bill

Breaking Through

By: Anonymous In the Fall of 2017, the #metoo movement was at peak. I watched countless news articles, social media posts and in-person conversations tell their personal stories. However, I hesitated admitting to #metoo for so many reasons. One being fears of folks saying, “That’s drama” or “She shouldn’t talk about that.  It’s private,” or “Facebook really … Continue reading Breaking Through

Tall Tales

By: Anonymous Height happens.  Are you over 5’8?  If you are, then maybe you’ve been called “tall” at sometime during your life.  I was 5’8 when I went to college, and I ended up 5’10.  So, what is my fave animal?  It is the giraffe, of course.  (Hooray for local hero, April the giraffe!) Have you … Continue reading Tall Tales


By: Danielle Wilson The words burrow Deep inside me Into my bones and my cells And wait like a virus For me to get weak and tired. Then, they float back up to the surface To whisper in my ear, “You’re not good enough.” “You’re not strong enough.” “You can’t handle this.” It’s hard not … Continue reading “Self”

Fly on the Wall: Salena

By: Adam Sutton “Salena?  No way!” “In middle school, she was a terror.  Every day she had to be removed from class.  She was mean, rude, nasty and full of hate,” her counselor shared.  “Excuse me, Mrs. Schneider?  I’m having a little trouble figuring out this problem,” Salena said after being called on. As Mrs. … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Salena