Auspicious Day

By: Danielle Wilson My daffodils are pushing up out of the soil towards the sky. They aren’t opened yet, even though it is mid April, because here in upstate New York, it has only recently turned into spring. Today is the first day to break seventy degrees but the breeze is cool-- just to keep … Continue reading Auspicious Day

The Breakfast Club Blues

By: Anonymous One of my favorite movies growing up, and still to this day, was The Breakfast Club.  It’s hard to beat this 90 minute story about 5 high schoolers spending the day together in the place that they would least like to be.  The mix of comedy and drama is everything you would want … Continue reading The Breakfast Club Blues

My Birthday

By: Anonymous Many people go throughout their life, Always wandering around. Realizing that they are missing something, Chanting a melancholy sound. “How could I be so lonely?” Nothing seems to sink inside them, I have heard this cry before. Never will they find what’s lost, Eternity keeps closing the doors. Then they realize it must … Continue reading My Birthday


By: Anonymous It is just weird being almost 50 yet waking up every morning with memories of a younger self. A self that was pain free, agile, energetic, idealistic, and unstoppable. I guess aging is a reconciling process. Keep the idealism, improve the methodology.  It is trickier than I thought, this process. It is difficult … Continue reading Aging

Consequences of Regret

By: Anonymous I was recently speaking to a coworker who is younger than myself. We were discussing recent regrets that we have lived, and whether we wished we could go back and change them. My coworker spoke decisively about wanting to change her earlier choices, and I took a more pensive approach. As I have … Continue reading Consequences of Regret

Journey Over Destination

By: Adam Sutton Happy New Year! The last year has been defined by reflection and soul searching, which manifested itself in this project, OnceEveryThirty.  Said in another way, I made the story of my midlife crisis public and found 30 other people to share their stories too.  Originally, I thought there would be more politics, more complaining … Continue reading Journey Over Destination

Slowing Down

By: Anonymous I remember the grace of my grandmother aging. I mean, heck, we all get older...every passing moment.  But, she aged. She lost. She faded. And yet, she shone. She lost friends. Family. Faculties. Body parts. Functions. Sleep. Hair. Beauty. A child. So much loss. She faded. Her skin. Her eyes. Her mind. Her … Continue reading Slowing Down