Choices Have Consequences

By: Opa Joe Pettit wrote how playing poker “helped to school me in the realities of life.” I was struck by his story and his ability to open our eyes to learn lessons from sources we may not have considered. Because in everything we do, there are lessons. Some lessons are received and appreciated while … Continue reading Choices Have Consequences

Sweet Morning

By: Prianca Naik Transitioning from singlehood to marriedhood to motherhood has been an interesting journey to say the least.  Learning to share a tight space with another human being that didn’t involve stacking bunk beds in college was a new experience.  In those days, my husband would go to work early, leaving our two bedroom … Continue reading Sweet Morning

The Slightly Less Than God Club

By: Joe Pettit Where does the worth of a person come from?  To be clear, I do not mean any kind of monetary, or economic worth.  I mean a worth that indicates a value and dignity for which economic comparisons are inappropriate.  If such a worth exists, where does it come from? Some might say … Continue reading The Slightly Less Than God Club

One and Done is Dumb

By: Chris DuPrau @ChrisDuPrau Let’s imagine a scenario. You are the best computer programmer in your high school.  You write code for fun and play games that allow you to break down code to hack in to things.  You have already created the code for certain apps that will revolutionize how we use smart phones.  … Continue reading One and Done is Dumb

Fly on the Wall: Tyrell

By: Adam Sutton “I got my book form in my locker Ms. Wilson.” “Take the pass and go get it so you can get your book today.” “I can’t get my first choice?  Susan got the book I wanted.  It’s not fair,” Tyrell groaned. “Susan turned her form in the first day I collected them.  … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Tyrell

Fly on the Wall: Jasmine

By: Adam Sutton “You have 7 options to choose from.  My ratings of each book are on the back with a brief description of each story.  Take the next 10 minutes or so to look over your choices and rank your top 3.  The people who return their signed forms first will be the ones … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Jasmine