Choices Have Consequences

By: Opa Joe Pettit wrote how playing poker “helped to school me in the realities of life.” I was struck by his story and his ability to open our eyes to learn lessons from sources we may not have considered. Because in everything we do, there are lessons. Some lessons are received and appreciated while … Continue reading Choices Have Consequences

Fly on the Wall: Mrs. Vantoux

By: Adam Sutton “Why bother with this stuff?” Mrs. Quick said, more as a statement than a question. “What?” “The kids are contained today.  Why worry about them being late?” “It. It’s my job as a member of the leadership team.  I track the latenesses and give warnings and consequences,” Mrs. Vantoux replied. “I guess, … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mrs. Vantoux

Fly on the Wall: Tyrell

By: Adam Sutton “I got my book form in my locker Ms. Wilson.” “Take the pass and go get it so you can get your book today.” “I can’t get my first choice?  Susan got the book I wanted.  It’s not fair,” Tyrell groaned. “Susan turned her form in the first day I collected them.  … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Tyrell

Consequences of Regret

By: Anonymous I was recently speaking to a coworker who is younger than myself. We were discussing recent regrets that we have lived, and whether we wished we could go back and change them. My coworker spoke decisively about wanting to change her earlier choices, and I took a more pensive approach. As I have … Continue reading Consequences of Regret