Fly on the Wall: Aaron

By: Adam Sutton “Good morning class!  Have a seat on the carpet.  Criss-cross applesauce.” Mr. Ferguson belted out.  “I like how everyone is listening so well this morning.”  A blur in the corner of his eye catches his attention.  “Who is that hiding under my table?” Mr. Ferguson asks to the little person hidden beneath … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Aaron

Fly on the Wall: Gerard

By: Adam Sutton “Payton is such a loser!  Isn’t she?” Gerard yells to his buddies across the room.  “Gerard, you’re a dick,” Payton responds but not nearly as loudly as Gerard’s exclamation.  “Gerard, stop.  Both of you stop,” Mr. Hanks chastises them.  “Mr. Hanks, you can’t tell me to stop being honest.  It’s the Constitution.  … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Gerard

Fly on the Wall: Kyle

By: Adam Sutton “Alright class.  Give me your attention here in 3…..2….1,” Mr. Kruger said.  “Kyle, could you stop touching Amari’s stuff, please?” “C’mon.  She’s not complaining,” Kyle grumbled. “Yet.  She is not complaining yet.  Because she is patient.  Now, we have a few things to accomplish today.  Firs—” “Mr. K?  Those shoes new?” asked … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Kyle

Fly on the Wall: Marcus

By: Adam Sutton “Hello, this is Mr. Fitzgibbons.  I am looking for Marcus’ mom or dad.  I’m his Math teacher.” “This is Marcus’ mom.” “Hi, I just wanted to give you a call because lately Marcus has been acting out in class.  Today, he was humping his neighbor’s desk in…” “Excuse me.” “Yes, umm, he … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Marcus

Fly on the Wall: Tyler

By: Adam Sutton "I appreciate a phone call.  I don't like emails." Tyler likes the pictures of Jamestown.  He's full of adjectives: cold, tough, harsh, lacking, strict, isolated, basic.   "Was he talking?  He don't talk out of turn!  No son of mine had no problems like talking out of turn." "Take out your essay outline," … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Tyler

School Discipline: The Truth

By: Adam Sutton I want you to meet Ian.  Ian is a pain in the ass. Every day Ian disrupts my classroom. Today, he had a bag of chips.  Neither the bag nor the chips were a major issue.  But, his throwing them into the air and catching them in his mouth and letting out … Continue reading School Discipline: The Truth