Spreading Lies

By: Anonymous Yesterday, someone alluded to me on social media and made some pretty serious negative statements about my character and my intentions.  They really threw me under the bus based on information that was half-truth at best, and at worst, an outright fabrication.  I privately messaged the folks involved and expressed both my concern … Continue reading Spreading Lies

A Dark Comedy

By: Anonymous Waking up in the morning is rarely an eventful situation, rather it is a highly routinized set of drone-like actions unfolding like a line of dominoes.  Alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze, alarm, shut off. Rub eyes, stretch out, long sigh, grab phone, blind self with screen brightness, open social media app. What’s the news…? … Continue reading A Dark Comedy

Two Roads Diverged, and I Traveled Both

By: Rebecca Frager I have had two very different career paths in my life.  The first is the one my father pushed me toward. The second is the one my ex-husband pushed me toward.  I often tell new friends that I have this life and a former life. But I have learned that life has … Continue reading Two Roads Diverged, and I Traveled Both