Jim Mattis: Education Savior?

By: Adam Sutton, teacher and writer A few weeks back, Jim Mattis, unknowingly, delivered a blueprint for education reform.  In talking with NPR’s Steve Inskeep about preparing for war, Mattis proclaimed, “we don’t study history in a way that we can apply it.”  He’s right. We don’t educate students in public schools with an eye … Continue reading Jim Mattis: Education Savior?

TABCO Gets It Wrong

By: Adam Sutton Last month the Baltimore County Council hosted a budget hearing to solicit feedback from the community.  Baltimore County Board of Education member Cheryl Pasteur wasted no time energizing the chamber with a full-throated, passionate appeal to accept the budget and support funding for our schools.  What followed was a civics lesson in … Continue reading TABCO Gets It Wrong

Fly on the Wall: Aaron

By: Adam Sutton “Good morning class!  Have a seat on the carpet.  Criss-cross applesauce.” Mr. Ferguson belted out.  “I like how everyone is listening so well this morning.”  A blur in the corner of his eye catches his attention.  “Who is that hiding under my table?” Mr. Ferguson asks to the little person hidden beneath … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Aaron

Fly on the Wall: Layla

By: Adam Sutton “Yo Mr. Fitz, we be playin’,” Layla scoffed. “It’s Mr. Fitzgerald, and you were fooling around,” Mr. Fitgerald corrected her.  “Why you always be like dat?” Layla raised her hands in mild objection.  “I am like that because someday you will have a job interview, and I want you to get the … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Layla

Fly on The Wall: Mr. Spriggs

By: Adam Sutton “On three give me one big clap: 1….2….3!” A loud “SMACK” is followed by silence as Mr. Spriggs peers out over his students.  “As we discussed yesterday, you are all sitting in seats of your choice.  However, it does not have to stay that way.  Also, don’t think that because your parents … Continue reading Fly on The Wall: Mr. Spriggs

Fly on the Wall: Kyle

By: Adam Sutton “Alright class.  Give me your attention here in 3…..2….1,” Mr. Kruger said.  “Kyle, could you stop touching Amari’s stuff, please?” “C’mon.  She’s not complaining,” Kyle grumbled. “Yet.  She is not complaining yet.  Because she is patient.  Now, we have a few things to accomplish today.  Firs—” “Mr. K?  Those shoes new?” asked … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Kyle

Fly on the Wall: Dan & Rita

By: Adam Sutton Mr. Allen is sitting at his desk.  His final class before lunch just ended.  Rita, his star student asked, or maybe begged, him to email her mother.  Apparently, her mother believes that Rita did not turn in her essay on Animal Farm.  Mr. Allen finds the whole idea of Rita not turning … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Dan & Rita