Fly on the Wall: Angela

By: Adam Sutton “She gets extended time!” her mom insists. “Yes.  She does.” Mr. Percy replies patiently.  “Then, why is her grade already in the gradebook, and she isn’t being given anymore time?” mom continues. “She gets a 50% extension.  I’ve given her an extra week.  She is getting so far behind because I’ve given … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Angela

Fly on the Wall: Mrs. Vantoux

By: Adam Sutton “Why bother with this stuff?” Mrs. Quick said, more as a statement than a question. “What?” “The kids are contained today.  Why worry about them being late?” “It. It’s my job as a member of the leadership team.  I track the latenesses and give warnings and consequences,” Mrs. Vantoux replied. “I guess, … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Mrs. Vantoux

Fly on the Wall: Bill

By: Adam Sutton The lunch passes are thumb tacked to the bulletin board next to Ms. Sanders’ desk. “Ms. Sanders, wanna hear something exciting?” Bill blurts out. “Sure.  Fire away.” “I’ve got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch today!” Bill shares before hurrying off to 1st period. There are 2 students huddled around … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Bill

I am more than my story

By: Prianca Naik “Ugh, why did you say that? You should have kept quiet!  Could you have a bigger mouth?” it said with rage and furor.  My inner dialogue came at me briskly with a vengeance when I responded to my friend without giving pause after hearing her loaded question.  I give at work and … Continue reading I am more than my story

Society Says

By: Lynn Marie Morski Well it’s the day before NYE and I have planned no one special with whom to ring in the new year. This is something that in previous years would have rendered me a hopeless mess of anxiety. I start worrying about NYE approximately January 2nd. It’s a problem. Especially because by that time … Continue reading Society Says

Fly on the Wall: Janine

By: Adam Sutton “She’s got an A?  Does she deserve it?” Everyone has 10 minutes to examine the text for the day.  It takes Janine 5.  When her group starts to discuss the text, Janine’s group members retreat.  Janine reminds them of history and context they’ve missed or never been exposed to.  “She seems enchanted … Continue reading Fly on the Wall: Janine