Famous Last Words: I’m Ready for Kids.

By: Anonymous I may be a little late to the game, but my fiancé and I are in serious talks about trying to have a child soon.  I’m 35, and most of my friends already have kids.  My few friends that don’t have children yet are probably going to be lifelong bachelors.  I gotta say, … Continue reading Famous Last Words: I’m Ready for Kids.


By: Kristi Rizzo My oldest child will celebrate his 17th birthday this month.  As he finishes his junior year of high school and we prepare for all things associated with senior year and beyond, I am left wondering if I did enough.  “Let him do it.”  Our first hours of parenthood in a Baltimore hospital … Continue reading Mothering

10 Steps to Better Living

By: Anonymous I tend to reflect a lot in my downtime, and I will admit that there are times that it isn’t all that positive.  I’m anxious by nature, so these thoughts do little to help settle my mind.  “Am I being a good enough father?” “Am I eating the right foods?” “Am I doing the … Continue reading 10 Steps to Better Living

You’re the Inspiration

By: Rebecca Frager I lost my Aunt Audrey last week.  She was almost 90. She was always exotic to me. She was a few years older than my dad, but like him, she was born in India.  My grandparents were Lutheran missionaries in India for more than 30 years.  Most of their 10 children – … Continue reading You’re the Inspiration