How can the NBA be more like the EPL and Should It?

By: Chris DuPau @ChrisDuPrau During a pre-NBA Finals press conference this week, Commissioner Adam Silver mention the possibility of creating new midseason and postseason tournaments in the NBA.   Silver has often been a commissioner who is not afraid of innovation citing the success these tournaments have in European soccer leagues.  Now, soccer has gotten much … Continue reading How can the NBA be more like the EPL and Should It?

It’s the Little Things…

By: Rebecca Frager Four times in the past month I have hurt myself.  They weren’t major injuries, but they hurt like heck. The first was a paper cut on my finger.  That thing made my hand throb for several hours.  The second was a splinter in the palm of my hand.  Again, nothing major, but … Continue reading It’s the Little Things…

The Breakfast Club Blues

By: Anonymous One of my favorite movies growing up, and still to this day, was The Breakfast Club.  It’s hard to beat this 90 minute story about 5 high schoolers spending the day together in the place that they would least like to be.  The mix of comedy and drama is everything you would want … Continue reading The Breakfast Club Blues

Call Your Dad

By: Kristi Rizzo My initial reaction was, “Oh, this isn’t good news.”  My fiancé and I had just purchased our first home and we were planning a wedding for August of the following year.  This wasn’t the order in which events were supposed to happen.  As the oldest of the three girls, I was supposed … Continue reading Call Your Dad

Sweet Morning

By: Prianca Naik Transitioning from singlehood to marriedhood to motherhood has been an interesting journey to say the least.  Learning to share a tight space with another human being that didn’t involve stacking bunk beds in college was a new experience.  In those days, my husband would go to work early, leaving our two bedroom … Continue reading Sweet Morning

Learning Never Ends…Ever

By: Anonymous Last week I was sorting through boxes and albums of old photographs looking for pictures to use in a friend’s 50th birthday card.  She is the last of us to turn 50, and we affectionately call her the caboose.  So, having been tasked with the job of creating a card to present to … Continue reading Learning Never Ends…Ever

My Birthday

By: Anonymous Many people go throughout their life, Always wandering around. Realizing that they are missing something, Chanting a melancholy sound. “How could I be so lonely?” Nothing seems to sink inside them, I have heard this cry before. Never will they find what’s lost, Eternity keeps closing the doors. Then they realize it must … Continue reading My Birthday